Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lewis Update

Lewis had to go to the vet on Wednesday for his last round of shots and he is doing really well.  The vet was very relieved to see that he had not DOUBLED in weight again like the last visit!  He is, however, still living large!  He weighed in at 5.2 pounds -- a weight he should not attain until he is approximately 5 months old and he is not quite 4 months old yet!  ( I can relate to that -- I am having the same problem!)

I caught this picture of him watching a little golf, while perched atop his scratching post.  (Of course, being a feline himself, he is usually pulling for "Tiger"!  LOL)  He also likes The Animal Planet!

Walt and I went away for a few days and we almost had a stowaway go with us on our trip!   

Wish we could have taken him and Champ with us 'cause we both missed them like crazy!  I'm not sure who was more glad to see the other one -- us or them!

So glad to be back home!


Melissa said...

Lewis is so beautiful! Even if he's living large! :) We missed you today at church and thanks for the posts that you wrote about the Lord being our encouragement! I needed to read every word!
Have a good week!

Heather said...

That is so cute- he just crawled right into that suitcase!! My dogs watch TV, too, and it is hilarious!
Have a great week!

Faith said...

Glad you and dad got away for a few days...but I am also glad that you are back safe and sound! I miss Calie like crazy when I am gone too! She is my baby! I'm sure Lewis and Champ were glad to see their mommy too!
Love you!!

His Doorkeeper said...

So funny with the cat watching TV! Love your little "Tiger" joke! har har

Our dogs like to watch the movie "Babe". Seriously they will sit for several minutes and just watch and then make a run for the TV when an animal runs by!

We love our animals, don't we?

Becky said...

Glad to see Lewis is living large! All the pictures of him are so sweet. I really love the one of him in the suitcase. It really is tough leaving them behind and like you guys we can't wait to get home to see Bosco! Have a WONDERFUL week! Becky

petrii said...

What a beautiful cat Lewis is ~~ and too funny watching "Tiger" and getting in that suit case!!

So glad you and your hubby got to get some R & R ~~ have a Blessed week, Dawn

Kristin @ Blue Skies said...

That little Lewis is so precious! He looks like the perfect cuddler :)

Robyn Beele said...

Lewis is adorable!! I hate leaving my dog when we go somewhere!! I know how you feel.

Amy E. said...

I can't believe how much he has grown!!! What a cute little (getting bigger!) thing!

Julie said...

Loved the picture of Lewis "posing" on His post. He reminded me of our cat, Lucy. She thinks she is the Queen of the house!!!