Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Random Thoughts From Here...

Today was the first Wednesday that I have had off in a while, and I was soooooo excited about not having to get up at 5:30. Well....unfortunately, Lewis did NOT get the memo about the change in my schedule!  At 5:32 this morning he started playing with the beads on the lampshade on my bedside table.  When I got him to stop that, he proceeded to knock a stack of papers and books off the table beside me.  (The scary part is that Champ sleeps in HIS bed right below all of this commotion!)  Then it was onto my bed and there he started with the biting!  That was it!  At that point I just gave up and got up out of bed.  So much for a nice restful morning on my much-needed day off!

I went to the living room with my Bible.  As I was reading, I came to the following verses:

"You are our letter, written in our hearts, known and read by all men;
being manifested that you are a letter of Christ, cared for by us, written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone, but on tablets of human hearts."

2 Corinthians 3:2-3

Do you realize that we may be the only Bible that some people will ever read? 

I don't know about you, but that is a very sobering thought for me.  When I think back on my life since I was saved, there have been so many times that I am sure that my life has not given an accurate representation of the Word of God. 

I had to go to the doctor today for my annual physical.  I first met Faith in a parking lot to "hand off" "Miss E" for some Nana and Bubba time.  From there I headed into the parking garage at my doctor's office.  After making so many laps around the garage looking for a parking spot that I now needed Dramamine, I went into the building where my doctor's office is.  There were a handful of patients in the waiting area as I walked in and I walked straight up to the Reception Desk.  This was totally a misnomer in this office!  There was no reception about it!  The woman at the desk looked up at me and I said with a very cheerful voice and smile, "Good Morning!"  Just so you know, she hasn't spoken to me yet!  I signed in on a pad of paper and I am waiting patiently for them to take my insurance card and the volumes of paperwork that I had completed ahead of time as requested, but no one ever says anything!  Maybe because she is TEXTING someone on her cellphone UNDER her desk!  (Now mind you, there is a huge sign at the front desk which reads "No Cellphone Usage Allowed In This Office"!) Finally, she realizes I'm standing there and she says, "Ma'am, just have a seat! We'll call you back up in a few minutes."  

My first impulse was to be a little bit angry that the woman was so rude to me. But I thought about it for a minute and  from that moment on, I took it as my personal mission to make this woman speak to me and maybe even possibly smile.  She called me back up and took my papers, my insurance card, and, of course, my money and I FORCED her to have to speak to me.  Before our interaction was over, I think she may have even smiled one tiny little smile.

After my visit, I was eating lunch with my husband at home, and while sitting there at the table, the Lord brought to my remembrance what He had whispered to me in my quiet time this morning -- "You may be the only Bible she may ever read!"

Now, I don't think that in this instance that I really did a lot for this lady just by being pleasant to her, but it did get me to thinking about how none of us know what someone else is dealing with in their  life.  This woman could be in an abusive relationship at home.  She may be facing a dire financial situation.  Maybe she has a terminally ill loved one in her family.  Her husband could be unemployed with no job prospects.  Perhaps she is miserable in her job.  Maybe she just didn't feel like being cheerful and smiling today.

I started to wonder what perception of God's Word we would give someone if they were "reading" us:

  • When we are in a hurry at the left turn red light (that lasts approximately 5 seconds) and the lady in front of us is applying her mascara and causes us to miss the entire light.  

  • When that person at McDonald's enters the drive-thru from the wrong direction and beats us into the line because we go the proper way AROUND the building. 

  • When that person that we thought was our friend lashes out at us with hurtful accusations and comments.  

  • When that person at work tells a dirty joke and everyone around us is laughing. 

I pray that the next time God places me in a situation where someone is "reading" me, that somehow, in spite of all my imperfections, that they would see Him.  That my life would give an accurate representation of His Word.  

Maybe somehow I lightened that lady's burden just a little bit today. At least, I'd like to think so.

"Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven."
Matthew 5:16


Kristen said...

I pray the prayer daily to be a mirror that reflects God throughout my day. I know I often get caught up in the moment and react in the opposite manner, but hopefully I at least show a glimpse of Him despite those moments.
Your posts are always exactly what I need! Thank you for your encouragement!

Heather said...

I see several doctors, so I can so relate to your frustration in this post! (And WHEN did it become acceptable to text message at work?!?!?) But I also so appreciated your reminders about us being the "bible" to the world. If we would remember that, like you, we can be Jesus' spokesperson, we could definitely touch some people, even if it is just with simple out-of-the-way courtesy!
Thanks, MiMi! I love ya!

Becky said...

Emilie, thank you so much for this post today. I NEEDED IT!!

Robyn Beele said...

This is such a wonderful post! Thank you so much for writing and reminding us all of what attitude we need to bring forth onto the world.

Betsy said...

It is so hard to have that Christ-like spirit in the doctor's office sometimes!! Seriously! But hopefully if we are mirrors of His spirit in those frustrating times, it will touch someone's heart and turn their thoughts toward Christ.

Thank you for such an encouraging post today!

Megan said...

Another great post! I can totally relate to this. In fact a couple of months ago I wrote a blog about a simliar situation - except I completly handled it wrong. I was rude back to the person. Later, I was reminded that she could have been having a bad day and I could have been her one chance that day to see God's love. Needless to say I felt horrible. I have thought about this situation many times and tried to do the exact opposite of what I did that day. Sometimes a little conviction from God is all we need to get our minds back straight. Thank goodness for that! I LOVE the line from the song "Hosanna"
"Show me how to love like You have loved me, break my heart for what breaks Yours"
So True!

Faith said...

What a great reminder. I need to be constantly aware of this, instead of encountering someone and then afterwards thinking about how I could have shown them Jesus better, etc.
Reminds me of that song by Monk and Neagle, and also to look at others as souls that need to be saved, not just people. The time is drawing near, and they need to hear!
Love this Mom! And love you too!

Melissa said...

This is even true in my family! I take it for granted that they "love me anyway" and my attitude does not always show them Jesus when that may be the very time that they need to see Him most! Loved this post! :)

Lisa said...

Hi Mimi!
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. We do, indeed, have a connection with HG and Dean! :)

You have great insights to share, and I will stop by and visit you, again!

Lisa :)

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

MMmmmm......what a great post!! So true!! I saw that on a sign somewhere and it stuck with me too!! Great thoughts and a great reminder!!

Stephanie D. said...

Oh, how funny, you have made me laugh so hard after a yuck day. Thank you, thank you, I love it.

petrii said...

What a beautiful post!! I will be in the dr's office next week, so I'll be remembering this post as I greet the "receptionist". Thank you for reminding me that I may be the only Bible someone in that office might see all day!!

Thank you and have a great Lord's day tomorrow, Dawn

Emmie said...

inspirational thinking mimi thank you for sharing :)