Friday, July 11, 2008

Our "Noisy" Lives

Many times when my husband and I are riding in the car, I find myself saying, "Can we just turn the radio off?  I would just like to hear some peace and quiet!" 

I started thinking about how bombarded we are with the TV, the internet, email, text messages, etc., from the time we wake up in the morning until the time we drift off to sleep at night. 

Each day when I arrive at work, music is piped in through speakers throughout the entire office. Many mornings before I ever get to work, I have had phone calls or text messages from family members or co-workers.  If  I go out for lunch, there is music playing in the restaurant as well as a giant screen TV in the corner of the restaurant. I walk in the door at home after a long day at work and the TV is on a 24 hour News station. And this is not even mentioning the text messages, phone calls and emails received and sent throughout the day!  

If we go into a place that requires that we turn off our cellphones, as soon as we come out we immediately turn them back on.  It is almost like the cellphones contain oxygen that we have been deprived of! Many of us are now capable of walking (or driving) while texting our friends, returning emails, and making phone calls.

I can't help but wonder...

  • Is there a spiritual danger in all of this?  
  • Does God just become one more thing that we try to multi-task?
  • If we have all of this "noise" bombarding us, are we even able to hear the still small voice of God?
  • Do we have the same level of commitment to spending time with God as we do to our favorite TV show?

Would we be willing to cut out one 30 minute TV program or 30 minutes spent on the internet so that we could turn off the "noise" and spend time alone with God?

I believe God is calling us to come apart from all the "noise" in our lives. It  may be by an internet fast, a TV fast,  or maybe by a silent retreat. We could do it by taking a walk (leaving our IPods at home) or by journaling.  Even riding in the car can be a great time to pray and think and, also, memorize scripture. 

Every step we take to quieten the "noise" in our lives may bring us that much closer to the Lord.


Kristen said...

I often times feel the exact same way! Silence is unfortunately very limited in my world as well :)
Thanks for the ideas on how to conquer the noise...I'll take on the challenge of putting some of them into play this week!
Your posts are always inspirational to me, thank you!
Hope you have a nice quite weekend! :)

petrii said...

Thank you for this post. It is a great reminder to slow down and take a break from all the noise and busyness of life.

These are some really great suggestions. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insight. I love to read your posts. Have a super weekend ~~ Dawn

Stephanie D. said...

Hey thanks for the comment. You are so sweet. I love reading your blog, when I get the chance. With all my little people running around. Talk to you soon.

JenB said...

Oh my, you are all up in my kitchen today! I'm thinking some kind of fast is in my near future. Thanks for the confirmation!
Good to see you today. Did you notice how I was all rebel and wore white? ha!

His Doorkeeper said...

A much needed word for today! I feel the older I get the more I need silence or at least quiet time in my life. Just seems to help calm the "noise" of life!

Good word!

Betsy said...

You are so right!! Sometimes with my crazy life and so many kids, I feel like silence is the best sound in the world! I think we all need a little more of it so we can hear God speaking!

Faith said...

I'm so guilty. I have felt convicted of this very thing lately, and I think a fast of some sort would be a great thing for me too. Thank you for this challenge, Mom.
I love you!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Great post!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

This is a wonderful post! I couldn't agree more. I have made an effort to not turn on the radio, at work, but also in the car. That way I can pray, or just think without being distracted.
:) xo Lidy

Stink Bone Jones said...

I think all women run into this. I recently wrote an article about multitasking. . I often think that a few hundred years ago people's devotion to God seemed easier because there were so MANY LESS distractions. I agree that we could use less. Your post reminds me that I need an Internet fast.

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Oh my word, you know all to well that having three small kiddos at home this can be soooo true!! AND my husband has to fall asleep with the TV on! Noise, Noise everywhere!!

My favorite moments of the day are when I wake up before no one else is up and just SIT and BE QUIET with God. This was a great post!!

Becky said...

I totally agree with you. This day in time there are very few quiet moments. I know we are sisters, I say the same thing to Alvin sometimes when we are traveling.

Kim said...

We jst talked about this in my Bible study tonight. How Satan loves these "Satan's Convention" and read his message.

Julie said...

Very good words for me to read today! It is amazing how wonderfully clear you hear God when you remove all the secular noise from your lives. I have been guilty of having the volume up too high recently!!

Megan said...

Hi! I found your blog through other blog friends.
This is a wonderful post! Thank you so much for sharing. I often think these same thoughts but never take time to actually do something about it. Thank you for reminding me of this!