Saturday, July 26, 2008

I have a new GRANDDOG!!!!

My son, Josh, and his girlfriend, Michelle, got a very special, long awaited shipment all the way from California on Thursday night!
Meet TURK!  He is a third generation Labradoodle and is he not the cutest thing ever! We all think he needs to be named Teddy because he absolutely looks just like a little teddy bear.
Josh has wanted a Labradoodle for quite some time because they are virtually hypoallergenic and he has such extreme sensitivities to so many things in the environment. He has been talking to a friend of mine that is a breeder of Labradoodles about possibly being a Guardian home for one of her dogs and they finally got their special little guy!

Josh and Michelle love dogs and have always been so good about coming over to play with Champ and take him for walks, but now they have their own little guy to love. (Champ seemed sort of sad last night when they came over for a visit because, as you might guess, all of the attention was directed on this precious little face!)

I now have three little Granddogs to love - Calie, Mason and now Turk!


Deidre said...

So cute! I agree, he looks like a 'teddy'. I'm extremely allergic to dogs/cats, but my girls want a dog so badly.

His Doorkeeper said...

Well Turk is the cutest thing I've seen lately! What a darling face!
How could you not love that? How big will he get?

Congratulations on your granddog! I have one and I wonder if his nose is going to be out-of-joint when the new baby comes because he is Kelly's baby now!

petrii said...

Get-out-of-town!!! This is the cutest dog EVER!! I cannot let my highly allergenic 15 yr old see this puppy ~~ it will be all over if he ever sees a labradoodle :0) So don't tell him okay?

Have a GREAT Lord's day Emilie,

Becky said...

Oh how precious!!! I could just kiss that little face! Poor Champ I bet his heart was broken, and how about Lewis what was his reaction?

Faith said...

Love that little mug!

Heather said...

You are so right.....he is a total teddy bear! He's precious! My mom has her "granddogs" precious!

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Oh! How cute!! I've never heard of a "labradoodle"...guess that means they do not shed either! My kind of pet!

Kristen said...

I just saw this precious face over on Faith's blog and fell in love!
What a lucky grandma you are!

Emmie said...

awww i agree the name teddy would so suit the luvly lil thing! How cuddly!