Monday, June 30, 2008


We had a great day in church yesterday with an awesome sermon from the Book of Mark. After church, we went to Bubba & Nana's house for some of Bubba's famous Steak Hoagies!  YUM!  We had been hearing about how good they were and they did not disappoint!

"E" was sportin' a new dress and wanted me to take a picture of her in it.

She enjoyed hangin' out a little bit with her Poppa.

And then it was time to get ready to go back to church for our patriotic service, Celebrate America.  She was wearing her new shirt and hairbow that Nana had made her for the occasion and I was also "donning" my patriotic attire!

I captured a picture of her and Mommy on the way out the door.

We arrived back at church and we could hardly wait for the program to start.  Bubba got the honor of holding "Miss Priss".

The service started and it was awesome!  Tribute was paid to all the various branches of the Armed Forces and to all that have served our country in any conflict.  It was very touching!  

"E's" favorite part was the Marines that "came down the strings" from the ceiling!  She kept saying that she wanted to see the strings!

It just kept getting better and better and it was a very emotional service.

Nana came down from the choir after the presentation was over and was able to capture a red, white and blue balloon for her girl!  (I'm sure that her mother really appreciated those on her ride home in the car!)

We have such a debt of gratitude to the men and women who have served and are serving our country. Help us always to remember that our freedom is anything but free.  It comes with a great price!


Becky said...

Oh my goodness, what a wonderful service. I wouldn't have had a stitch of make-up on after the service and I bet you didn't either. I try and always thank the service men and women on our planes for serving our country. And usually their reply is "it's just my job ma'am. WOW! And you are so right. Freedom is not free! Have a wonderful week!

I wish you lived close to us so Emma could play with Reid and Cade. They would have such fun.

Betsy said...

That sounds so wonderful! Wow! Your church went all out! I love patriotic music! Do you go to Hickory Grove? You should let me know when you are having something fun like that...I would love to come hear it! :)

nanatrish said...

That looked like a fabulous service! I am so glad when people honor our soldiers. Your little cutie is adorable. Emma is a beautiful little girl!

Deidre said...

Wow - that service looks amazing! And, that Emma is so cute - always smiling.

Robyn Beele said...

Wow your church did an amazing job!! Emma outfit was adorable and so appropriate. Looks like you guys had a wonderful Sun.

Faith said...

That picture of you and Emma is cracking me up! You both look so cute in your patriotic attire! Glad you guys was a great service and I'm glad that we could do a little something to honor the brave men and women who have fought for our freedom. It was hard not to cry through the whole thing...especially the bagpiper and Amazing Grace.
Love you, Mom!

His Doorkeeper said...

I'm impressed with your church's salute to our country! Wow!

Miss Emma is a doll and her little red/white dress with the "E" on it is just darling! Great job!

petrii said...

That looks like an absolutely wonderful service!! I love the 4th of July and paying tribute to our armed forces.

Your granddaughter is ADORABLE!!!

Julie said...

What a beautiful and honoring service you had!! What amazing work!!! I loved the stars, the large flag, the colors, and the marines coming down. Your pictures were great! I felt like I was there.

I love Emma's new dress and her new little shirt was just adorable! You two looked great together!!!

Heather said...

That service looks awesome! I am so grateful for our troops and our country!

Jenna said...

Emilie, I LOVED seeing all of the pictures. Glad y'all had such a great time! And I think it goes without saying that Emma is BEYOND ADORABLE, but seriously...SO precious, I can't handle it. :)

Thanks for sharing all this. Hope you are having a great week!!!

Amy E. said...

Hey Mrs. Emilie - Thanks for your comments! What cute pictures...looks like you all had fun on Sunday and that Emma is just precious! I love the story you told about Faith and Santa's belt on Nicki's blog....that sounds just like her! :)

Emmie said...

aw wow! looks like you all had a great time :) Look at little Emma, she is such a cutie :)