Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I warned you all in one of my very first blog posts that you would probably be seeing a lot of this little guy!  Who, by the way, is not so little I found out today!   

Lewis had his second vet appointment today and it was time for some immunizations. He seemed like he remembered the place when we got into the exam room.

He was not near as "opinionated" about having his temperature taken today, as he was the last time!  He weighed in at a WHOPPING 4.2 pounds today.  The vet said that most kittens do not weigh 4 pounds until they are 4 months old and Lewis is only 3 months old.  (He was also the largest kitten the breeder had ever had in any of her litters!)  Maybe we should have named him HOSS!!

It was great to be back home with his own cat tree and his "own"  bed where he spent the rest of the day. 

We are so thankful that he appears to be completely healthy! 


Faith said...

What a handsome little fella he is! Glad he is growing and staying healthy! Such a cutie!

Nicki said...

He is so cute! I'm glad he is growing and has a hearty appetite!!

ps- I'd love to hear your thoughts about a post about school choices on my blog. You know...the "been there done this" wisdom. =) If you get a chance!

Becky said...

Oh my goodness, how Lewis has grown!! His is a Hoss! I would love to get my hands on him and rub his little belly. So precious!

Melissa said...

Look at Lewis! He's really very pretty! I am glad he's doing so good!

petrii said...

What a cute cute "little" guy!! He looks very sweet and he looks like he probably has a very distinctive personality!!
So cute!!

Stephanie D. said...

Hey it's Stephanie again, I just wanted to tell you how sweet the comment was that you left Nikki. Oh my goodness, it is so nice to hear from Moms that have been through the things we are going through right now. And hear you say "it's OK, the is normal" Wow I love it, keep it up MiMi. We love ya.
Oh and I wanted you to know that the ultrasound tech. said that Alexis orgins looked good. Thank you for your prayers.