Friday, June 20, 2008

"A Time Capsule"

On my way to work yesterday morning, I heard the hosts on the radio station I was listening to talking about a man named Jamie Livingstone that had taken a Polaroid picture of something in his life, EVERY day from 1979 through 1997.  Can you imagine?   

First of all...some of you probably do not even have a clue what a Polaroid picture is! I am DEFINITELY dating myself here!  It was a picture taken with a kind of instamatic camera with "self-developing" film.  The picture shot out of the camera after you took it and you had to shake it around, blow on it, etc. and watch the picture "develop" before your very eyes!  As you can was a very compact camera, too! LOL!

I actually had this identical camera!  It was STATE-OF-THE ART !! It was so exciting to be able to view your pictures "instantly"!  (I know this is so hard for most of you to imagine in this day of HD digital cameras where we see everything instantly.)  I remember that the film for these cameras was fairly expensive and there were only 8-10 pictures in each "box" of film.

Well...this man took a picture everyday from March 31, 1979 until the day of his death, October 25, 1997!  I was thinking about that while I was savoring my Starbucks Tall, Soy, Extra Hot, No Foam Chai Latte---that's a ton of pictures!  That's alot of boxes of film, too!

After I got to work, I did a quick Google search (while I could still remember) and sure enough, I found information on this man.  Turns out that he had terminal cancer and he "chronicled" his life, up to AND including the day he died, with a Polaroid picture every day of himself, family and friends!  Some of the pictures are missing, but there are still reportedly 6,697 pictures remaining in the collection.  WOW!

Some of the pictures that "summed up" this man's days were a little strange for me, but it got me to thinking. What a neat idea this was to take a picture EACH day that sort of "encapsulates" your day.  I started flipping through hundreds of pictures in my IPhoto of significant days in MY life and the life of those that I love. And then it dawned on me that, for a lot of us, our blogs are doing the same thing.  For many, their journal does the same thing.  Something that "summarizes" what was happening in our lives on any given day! (I love that  His Doorkeeper said that she has been journalling since her freshman year in college and she can look back and see exactly where she was and what she was doing on any given day!)

The picture that "encapsulates" my day was nothing real exciting today. Just work, as usual!

I wonder...what would a picture of YOUR day look like? I would love for you to share them.  I would love to see them!


Robyn Beele said...

Wow that man had true dedication. You are right about our blogs. Many years we will be able to look back and see exactly what was going on in our lives at a particular time. Very cool! You look so pretty at your desk!

Kelli said...

I read this story too and thought it was amazing! I think you are right about blogging being a way of doing the same thing.

Thank you for visiting my blog and for the birthday wishes for Emily!

Jenna said...

That is such a cool idea! I would have loved for my parents or my grandparents to have done that! It would have been so cool to look back on. And I think you are right--our blogs and journals kind of do the same thing. Just another reason to love blogging!! Thanks for sharing this...I love the picture at your desk--so pretty!!

valerie said...

Do I ever remember Polaroid cameras! Yes, the film was expensive, but they were so cool. :)
I read your comments from time to time on my daughter's blog (Kristen) and thought I'd stop by and introduce myself and say hello.

His Doorkeeper said...

My parents had a polaroid camera and do you remember sortof "fanning" the they would appear faster that way??

By the way, on my journal on those years...I had some "dead space" for several weeks at a time. I think it was was when I was knee deep in diapers,etc. But I did make significant markers in my children's lives.

Faith said...

That is a pretty cool story! What neat memories for their families. I do still journal, but that is more of my personal walk with the Lord, so blogging is more of a scrapbooking journal with pictures and such.
You do look pretty at your desk!
Love you and will see you in the morning!

petrii said...

What a great story!! I am a journaler, but I journal mostly about my journey with the Lord. The blog I keep that most read is about everyday happenings with the fam and friends, but I also keep a blog for the Youth for Christ organization I am involved in at our local High School. All of these efforts reap huge benefits in my life. I think I'll take a pic and post just for you on my blog to document today:) Great idea ~~ Dawn

Deidre said...

Wow, what an amazing story. Yes, I guess our blogs are similar to that. I do journal, but have told my husband if anything happens to me, it's okay to just throw them out :) (I'm sure he won't because that will be the day he actually has permission to read them :-)

Great picture!!!