Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Onboard Navigation

This past week my husband and I had to drive to another city for a doctor appointment. Before leaving our driveway I "plugged in" the address of our destination in the onboard navigation and asked for the fastest route.  The "sweet woman" immediately said, "please proceed to the highlighted route and your guidance will begin".  Once we got out on the highway she periodically would say, "continue on the highlighted route."

Each time that we were approaching a place where we could possibly veer off of our "preferred route", she would start gently warning us of our upcoming turn ahead.  As it got closer, she would again remind us that just shortly ahead we would be making our turn.  Finally, as we got to the appointed place to turn, she would once again remind us to turn to stay on the correct route.

We followed directions fine on the way to the appointment, but on our way back home, we became distracted and were not listening to our instructions at one point and we missed a turn. After a few minutes of silence, the "sweet woman" recalculated our route and very patiently and politely told us what we needed to do to get ourselves back on track again.  She didn't seem to be upset with us at all.

It got me to thinking......

Is this not a lot like our trip through life as a Christian?

Many years ago, I made a decision about where I wanted to go.  I made Heaven my"HOME" destination and God planned out the route for me to get there. His Holy Spirit is continually urging me to "continue on the highlighted route".  But, so many times I have ignored His directions and gone my own way.  Sometimes I intentionally go in a direction that I know is not His preferred route for me--despite His repeated warnings.

When I make a wrong turn or I choose to go in a different direction from the preferred route He has planned for me, He patiently recalculates my route. He never seems to get upset with me.  If I take the time to listen, He will tell me where to turn and what I need to do to get back on track.

He knows where I am going.

He has mapped out my route.

He has calculated how long I will travel.

But what happens when I get "behind the wheel" of my life?  I get distracted.  I take a wrong turn.  Sometimes I am WAY off track, but He patiently recalculates my route and guides me back onto the preferred route. 

I need to remember to start out each day with my destination as "HOME"  and ask Him to "RESUME GUIDANCE".

Hebrews 2:1  "We must pay more careful attention, therefore, to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away."

Thank you that you have planned out a preferred route for me to lead me to my final destination of Heaven. When I do make a wrong turn, help me to listen to that still small voice and follow the leading of your Holy Spirit to get back on to that preferred route that You have for me. Thank you that you never lose your patience with me. Thank you that you are always "onboard" with me, guiding me, if I will only listen and follow your directions. Help me to start out each day listening to my "onboard navigation" telling me the way that I should go. Amen.


Carolyn Bakalekos said...

What a great analogy! Loved it.

Tara said...

Mimi, That was such a great lesson, applicable to all of our lives today. What an interesting take on GPS and serving the Lord! Who knew they would ever be related?!


Jenna said...

Perfect. Simply perfect and something I am in such need of being reminded of these days. Thank you so much!

petrii said...

So GREAT!! God is the navigator, but how often I try to be, and yep wrong way, turn around child, that gentle voice leads me back to Him.

Thank you for these inspiring words.

Have a Blessed week, Dawn

Faith said...

I love this comparison to our walk with the Lord. It is so true and makes perfect sense. I desperately want to stay on the route He has planned for me.

I love you!

My Army Brats and Me said...

He is the navigator of my journey!
Send me your to my email and I will send you and Faith a bracelet. Alexa is waiting to make them.


Kristen said...

Isn't life easier when we give up the wheel?! Definintely a great reminder and an awesome post!

judy said...

How simple but true! Great post.

Thank God He is so patient, loving and forgiving! What would we do without HIM?

I can't imagine life without HIM directing my path. The GPS, I could do without. HIM? No way.

God bless you.

April said...

Hi Mrs. Davis!! so good to hear from you. It would mean a lot to have you praying for Cari and our family. It has definatly been a trying time. But God is good and he is doing awesome things right now and I know he is in total control. I love your blog and your other one with recipes. I am going to start posting some of my own recipes too:) just learning about this whole blogging thing...

Hope you have a great day! tell Grace hey for me...i need to get back in touch with her. I would love to see that sweet little girl of hers.

talk to you soon!