Thursday, March 5, 2009

You Gotta Love SNOW in March

This is what we woke up to earlier this week! Yay!  The weather man FINALLY got it right!!!

Even better than having a SNOW DAY, though, was being able to spend the day with some of my precious family.

Me and "the girl" hangin' out in the snow.

Helping Poppa shovel the driveway.

How beautiful is this tree!!   And those "Carolina Blue" skies!! Doesn't get much better that this, does it?
Grace and Miss E spent the night with us Sunday night in expectation of having a snow day the next day. Champ was lovin' life, too!

Mimi and Poppa......

In a Winter wonderland!

The snowman at our local Starbucks.

Is this the way to travel or what?!?!?! 

Kickin' it back with The Poppa chauffeuring !

You know what you have to do when you are at your Mimi's house and your boots are at yours?

Packing tape and freezer bags --Works like a CHAMP!


Melissa said...

We had to do plastic bags over socks on Caroline's hands because she left her gloves at school. LOVE the picture of Papa pulling the laid back E! What a MESS! Oh, I miss you guys! Love you and all these pics were great!!

petrii said...

This is adorable!!! What a cutie girl you have there. And you and the mister look so sweet.

Have a Blessed evening -- praying for you,

Jacquie said...

What fun. Your neighborhood looks gorgeous.

I love Miss E's "boots".

Stacy said...

I love the pictures! The plastic bags are too funny! Jerry did the same thing on Monday and the kids just died laughing! They were soooo embarrassed for him! Oh well, you do what you have to do! I noticed she had on a coat - glad you found one! Looks like you guys had a fun day too!

Alex and Jill said...

These pics of little E are so cute!! The one of you pulling her and her hands up in the air, mouth wide open is my favorite! LOL I remember doing the plastic bags and tape when I was little!

It was in the 70's here, today. Crazy!!


Denise K. said...

Oh what beautiful photos and such a darling granddaughter to boot! The snow is just gorgeous and your family is so sweet! Thanks for sharing your day with us! With love from Colorado, Denise :-)

Megan said...

Awww! I love all of these pics! Looks like your family had a great snow day! And that picture of your neighborhood all covered in snow just looks magical!

Sherry said...

What a fun day! There's nothing like a beautiful snow + grandchildren!

Anonymous said...

Love the snowday pictures! Looks like you all had a good time-especially "little miss" and Champ too. Walt seems like a wonderful Poppa to have :)

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Loved your pics of our great snow!! It was beautiful, huh?

Of course we lost power for a couple of days which was NOT fun!!!


Faith said...

Love them all! She is the most precious little snow baby ever! My favorite is the one of you pulling her in the wagon and her being silly...she is TOO MUCH!!!

Wish we could have been up there with you. Love you all!

My Army Brats and Me said...

I am going to so remember the baggy boots for my girls the next time!

Heather said...

Those tree pictures are GORGEOUS!! Looks like you had a great snow day with great company!!!

Rebecca Jo said...

NOOO... I dont wanna love snow in March!!! I'm ready for flip flops!!! Love that you all look like your having fun though!

Miss E is just the cutest thing ever... she looks like she's "chilled" out in that wagon... oh, I crack myself up!!!

Love the Starbuck's snowman! & the bags & tape.. very clever! You can tell you're a mom!

Deidre said...

She is just precious! I love the one of her being pulled in the wagon.

As pretty as it was, I'm ready for spring!

Anonymous said...

Love all the snow pictures. They are so pretty. Enjoy your warmth this weekend!

monart said...

We had snow in Alabama! I never invested in a pair of boots for my kids, if it snowed,
it was double socks, sneakers,,, covered with plastic bags, and I used duct tape,,, haha. Hope it snows next year when my Grand Daughter is three, she would love it, I could just see her making snow angels with your precious baby "E", I love your beautiful family and pictures.