Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's The Simple Things

I took the day off on Friday and one of my main goals was to clean out the closets in my house. I can't remember the last time that I took a day off, and when I do, I always plan something exciting and fun--like organizing closets--because that's just how I roll!

I slept in on Friday morning (until 6:30 a.m.), and after having one cup of coffee, I decided to tackle my closet first  -- you know, get the worst out of the way first. My closet has a slide-out rod on each side of the closet which I think was designed to hold a select outfit for the current day.  I, on the other hand, try to see exactly how many outfits I can cram onto each rod, thereby causing anyone that tries to enter my closet to have to turn sideways and slide through. I'm not sure why they call them "walk-in" closets?!?!?

Unfortunately, or fortunately for you, I failed to get a picture of the shoe racks in the closet, but you can probably imagine what they must have looked like, based on the clothing areas of the closet.

After several hours, 3 sacks to carry to Goodwill, and a dumpster load of hangers, I am pleased to show you the final product.  Shoes arranged by color and style......

And..... a closet that I can actually walk into now!  Oh, I get it..... a "walk-in" closet!

Since I was on this "organizational roll", after I looked in my jewelry drawer, I decided that I needed some help in this area, too. (I can't imagine what led me to that conclusion, can you?)

So, I looked online and found a hanging jewelry organizer in one of the major home stores. It was like a miniature shoe bag for jewelry! It would be perfect! The hubby and I headed out to a nearby town and proceeded to hunt for the jewelry bag.  After locating a store clerk for assistance, she told me that they did not carry this item in the store, that I would have to order it online. Uugghhhh!  I was so disappointed because, remember, I am on this "roll" -- and I know from past experience that these said "rolls" do not typically last very long.  Before heading back to the car, I walked over to look at a plastic dress bag to put my winter coats in, and what should I see, but....... the jewelry organizer's dream come true!

It has 19 pockets on the front side.....

And, if that weren't awesome enough, it has 18 more on the back side -- for a total of 36 individual pockets and it hangs right on the clothes rod in my closet---that I can NOW walk into!

What a sense of accomplishment I feel! It's the simple things that make us so happy, isn't it? 

What big organizational project have you tackled lately?

What project have you been NEEDING to tackle for some time now and you keep procrastinating?

Have you found any neat organizational items to help you get more organized?

I'm just asking in case I ever get another burst of energy like this one.


Denise said...

Woo Hoo, great job, you go girl.

Abbi said...

oh my goodness you were busy!!!
it looks great and it probably feels refreshing!!!
love all of the organization!

Anonymous said...

Wow it looks great! You must have been worn out from all that organizing but it does feel so good when it's all done.

We organized our attic recently and it looks much better now. Our next task to tackle will be switching the winter and spring/summer clothes out. I am dreading this but at least we have a few more weeks before the cold days are gone for good.

Thankyou again for the monkey bread recipe! We ate it for breakfast again and thought of you :) I'm glad that you got a day off finally! See you tomorrow.


AmyT said...

that looks great!!!! I need to get mine organized!!!!! I'm off Monday - I need to tackle mine along with the kiddos!

petrii said...

You have been a busy girl!!! I'm glad you got to take the day off. Want to come organize my closets? I'll make you coffee =)

Love you girl!! Have a Blessed Lord's day,

Denise K. said...

Nice job!!! Your closet, shoes, jewelry, etc...look fantastic! Ah, it feels SO good to get things sorted and organized. I too get on these rolls, so when I feel motivated, I try to tackle as much as possible. I am trying to get rid of a lot as ultimately too many "things" just clutter our lives. Have you seen the standing jewelry cases that look like a piece of furniture at JCPenney? I LOVE mine and for once it all stays organized! :-)

Kendra said...

I am laughing over here because I totally can relate to the "rolls" not lasting very long!! I know what you mean when you speak of needing to make the most of them while you can!!!!
I LOVE that jewelry organizer!! That is so cool!
Don't ya just lloovvee the feeling of a tackled project???
Great work!!

Stacy said...

Great Job Emilie! I know how much better you feel! I love to get things organized - it just makes everything better! I have to get started on some projects myself . . . see ya on Monday!

Betsy said...

Wow!! That looks GREAT! I am just like you...I have to take advantage of the whim when it strikes me. I am thinking to myself, "Go, go, go!!!" because if I am in one of those moods I know I have to do as much as I can before it goes away! haha

I love that cool jewelry bag! :)

Alex and Jill said...

I need to hit all of my closets...they are awful! Like you, I have to be in the mood to tackle a project like this...but I know that spring is almost here and that will give me the push I need. :)

Thanks for showing pics...everything looks great!


Deidre said...

I am ALMOST motivated to clean out my closet - ha! I do love that organizer, though. Great idea!

Mandi said...

Your closet looks GREAT!!! I hope you had some time left for relaxing this weekend. (:

The most recent organizing I've done is sorting through D's clothes and packing away things he's outgrown.

This is always an emotional task for me and I put it off as long as possible.

Faith said...

You did great, Mom! I really like your new jewelry organizer...where did you get it?

I wish I had all the shoe storage you had. Your closet has great organization and it's looking good now!

Jacquie said...

That is some MAJOR organization!!! I seriously need to get into my closets. And I have some drawers that could use a go-through, too!!

Rebecca Jo said...

I must get a jewelry organizer like that!!

Good job! I'd be exhausted after all that..

And what??? sleep in to 6:30???? That's nuts... sleeping in for me - I want to see double digits in that first number! :-)

Heather said...

It is a sickness, but I absolutely LOVE a closet clean out!!! I love how organized you are now...way to go! That jewelry organizer is a GREAT idea!!!

Sherry said...

Good job! I like the jewelry organizer! That's what I need. My "sets" are over flowing out of a drawer.

It does feel good to regain a clean closet and organize you some chaos! :) I recently did just that, too. (Not the jewelry, though.)

Anonymous said...