Wednesday, August 6, 2008

To Grandmother's House We Go

My Mother and me

Thank you all SO much for all of your prayers for my Mother's surgery, and for Faith and I as we travelled to GA and back.  My Mother is doing as well as can be expected following the surgery she had.  I spoke with her today at lunch and she was in a good deal more pain than she had been, but was still in good spirits. She had been out of the bed most of the day, sitting in a chair, and before the day was out, she was supposed to get up and walk!  Needless to say, she was NOT looking forward to that!  

Her biggest complaint is that she just cannot get any rest because the nurses are constantly waking her up to check her vitals, give her more medicine, etc.  Her husband stayed with her last night at the hospital, but she said that she was sending him home tonight because he snored all night last night and kept her awake!

Faith had posted a picture of my grandmother's house on her blog and she had mentioned that I would be sharing a story about that house at a later time. The house in the picture was where my grandparents lived for 62 years.  I have so many wonderful memories of both of them and of countless hours spent in that house.

Well, about 4 years ago my best friend, Becky, called me one day at work and said, "Emilie, I just walked in a house here in Columbus and I feel like I have been in this house before.  Do you remember what the address of your grandmother's house was?" I said, "Of course, it was 1408 XXXX  Street."  She said, "You're not going to believe this.  My son is getting ready to buy THAT house!".  To make a long story short, HE DID!  Can you believe that out of ALL the houses in Columbus, GA my best friend's son bought MY  MaMa and PaPa's house!  

This is a picture of the house today.

Is it not the most adorable little house you have ever seen!  PaPa was very particular about his grass and the house still has a wonderful stand of grass.  Looks like a golf course, doesn't it?  I wish I could just pick this little house up and move it to NC!

 Becky and me

Becky and I  went to high school together and then both of us also went to Dental Hygiene School.  We have been friends since 1971 when we met the first day of Band Camp when I needed a ride home.   She is an amazing mother to her 2 wonderful sons and the best friend anyone could ever have! I love you, Beck Beck!


Faith said...

I wish I could pick it up and move it to NC too! I LOVE it and have fond memories of it as well! MaMa and PaPa would be so proud of how it is being taken care of.

I had a great time away with you. Hope your first day back went well. I love you very much!

Becky said...

Bless your momma's heart, she needs some good rest. You can never sleep in a hospital for the nurses running in and out all night. I don't get that! Maybe she will rest better tonight and feel much better tomorrow.

That is so cool that your best friends son bought your grandparents house. The house is so pretty. I bet you have lots of wonderful memories there.

JenB said...

Yay for childhood best friends!! I just spent 3 days with mine! Precious!

Betsy said...

That is the cutest house I've seen in a LONG time!! I know it is so special to you. And how neat that your best friends son bought it!! That is such a great story!!

I'm glad you mother is doing well! Hopefully she will be able to rest better soon!

Megan said...

What a neat story!
Glad your mother is doing well and you girls are home safely!

Julie said...

I am glad your mom is doing well. I just hope she gets some rest!!

I love your MaMa and PaPa's house. It is absolutely adorable and how wonderful that a friend's son owns it. It's kind of like keeping it in the family!

Caroline said...

mimi, oh have i been meaning to write you! first thing,,,i love your daughter, she is such an encourager and now i know where she gets it!!!!!! I am so excited to read your blog and it means the world that you stopped by mine!!!!! you have been doing this for such a short time and your background is already cute...i must update mine asap!!!! glad your mother is doing well and that house...oh that house is just darling!!!!!!