Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A New Venture

There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day lately...but, then again, if there were any MORE, I'm not sure WHAT I would do!  I was really in hopes that life would "slow down" just a little after my daughter's wedding at the first of April, but so far, I have not seen too much change in the pace.

I am continuing to work as a hostess (several evenings a week) at the local restaurant that I worked at prior to Grace's wedding, but I am now taking on a new venture...SERVING!  A month or so ago, the General Manager of the restaurant asked me if I would be interested in learning to be a server.  He said that I should be able to make more money for the same number of hours worked and he thought that I would be good at it.  My first response was, "Sure!", but then as I began to think about learning something all new, I started having second thoughts.  And, after the first night of training (on a SATURDAY night), I was having serious reservations...and I'm NOT talking about the dinner kind!!

For those of you who haven't discovered this yet, memorizing and retaining information starts to become a little more difficult after "a certain age"...and I have definitely passed that said age! I had no idea of all the "details" that go into running a Fine Dining restaurant...right down to how many inches away the from the table chair sits!  And who knew that each chair at every table has a "position number"?!?!

This week, I will be taking my "Menu Test" where I will be expected to write down EVERY ingredient in each of the Appetizers and Salads on our menu. I have made 3 x 5 index cards (much like I use to memorize my Bible verses) and have been trying to learn all the ingredients, but I must say that I am still struggling with some of the dishes.  I haven't even begun to study the ingredients in all of the Entrees yet, which I will be tested on next...not to mention the extensive wine list!

It is a very fast-paced job and, at this point, I am wondering if I should just stick with being up front at the Hostess stand where I can just "Smile and Wave, Boys...Smile and Wave".  I know I can handle that!


Love Being A Nonny said...

There is NO WAY I could do that! I barely remember what I ate for breakfast today! I remember one of my boys waiting tables and he had to memorize all was easy for him. Me, not so much! Good luck. Maybe they will let you use the *senior sympathy card*...LOL!

Faith said...

I'm so proud of you! We'll have to come see you (and your cute little tie) for dinner one night!

petrii said...

Oh my. That is a lot to remember.

But you can do it friend!!

Have a Blessed day,

Melissa said...

I can do ALLLLL things through Christ who strengthens me.. and helps me remember things! :) You, of all people, CAN DO THIS! And learning something new is how we stay young! Keep learning!! You will do great!

Alex and Jill said...

You can do it!! :) Wish I could come visit your restaurant - you'll be a wonderful waitress. I've always thought I would be good at that - it's one of those jobs that I've always wanted to try. I've also wanted to try bagging people's groceries. Random. I know.

Good luck!!