Friday, May 29, 2009

One Year Blogaversary

"MiMi's Making Memories" is ONE YEAR OLD today! 

On May 29, 2008, what began as an attempt to establish a Google account so that I could leave a comment on my daughter's blog, turned into "MiMi's Making Memories". As Faith designed my blog for me, I had no idea what I was doing, what I would ever have to write about and more importantly, who would possibly be interested in reading it! I just thought it would be a good way for me to "journal" about those I love most -- my precious family.

I had NO idea the impact that blogging would soon have on my life. I began blogging and in the process I "met" and fell in love with some of the most wonderful women  - and literally from all over the country! (And even a few from other parts of the world!)  Over the past year, I have been blessed with the opportunity to meet some of you "in person", and what a treat that was!

My prayer for my blog on that Thursday in May still remains the same:

"I have no idea whether I have anything to say that would be of any value to anyone else, but I would hope that having  been married for 30 years and raising 3 children would definitely have taught me some valuable lessons in life.  I know that the Lord sometimes allows us to go through things in life so that we can be a help to someone else going through similar things.  I pray that the life lessons He has taught me, and IS teaching me, will be an encouragement to others."

I am so blessed to call so many of you my friends.  You really are so important to me!  I look forward to reading your blogs, as well as, reading your precious comments that you leave on my posts.  Many days, the Lord has used so many of your sweet words to encourage me in such a mighty way!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and for all of your thoughtful comments.  Thank you, also, for "enduring" all the pictures of my kids, grandchildren and "grand-dogs"!  Thank you for just being "YOU"!

I look forward to another year of blogging and hopefully meeting many more of you "in person"! 

May God richly bless each and EVERY one of you! I love you, my sweet friends!


"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

I always love reading your posts!! You too have been an encouragement over the past year in sharing with us from the heart...always just when we need to hear it.

Thank YOU! and Happy Blogaversary!!


Anita said...

Happy Blogaversary!! I think you are one of the sweetest bloggers I know. You are honest and so real. As you've shared your faith, it helps remind me that I too must be following God's word and plans for me. I enjoy your family pictures, I still laugh about your son's dog! Looking forward to more blogging!

Rebecca Jo said...

One year down!!! Happy Blogaversary! Your blog to me is just full of joy, inspiration, family & an example of God's teaching to you!!! Keep sharing!!!

Kristin @ Blue Skies said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog since the very beginning!

Happy blogaversary!

Alex and Jill said...

Happy 1 Year Blogaversary!!

As you already know, I love you and your sweet family...I can't wait to meet you and Faith in person someday. I'm going to make it happen. :) I was just telling Alex a couple of weeks ago, that I wish I lived closer to you have such a heart for God and want to talk about what He's doing in your life. You raised a daughter that has that same desire. It's so rare and refreshing to meet anyone like that.

Thanks for always sharing your heart and for sharing your family with us.

Love you, sweet friend!

Denise K. said...

Congratulations on your 1 year Blogaverary Mimi! Whoohoo! I too have so enjoyed reading and have so appreciated your encouragement and reading about your faith walk. I look forward to another year of Mimi's Memories, and will hope and pray that I can meet you and your family one day soon! Happy Anniversary!

With love from Colorado,
Denise :-)

petrii said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your one year in blog land. I remember when I first popped over to say "hi". I found you from sweet Faith!!

You are such an encouragement to me. You know we've (my fam and I) walked a difficult road over this last year, you have been such a bright spot on this journey. Thank you for loving on us and just being you, my Sweet Southern Belle.

Have a Blessed day, and enjoy something yummee to celebrate =)

Love you,

Jennifer said...

Congratulations on one year! I certainly enjoy your blog...funny, it took me awhile to put you and Faith together in blogland?!? So glad you have enjoyed this past year - and have been able to meet some of your new friends!

JenB said...

Happy Blogaversary, Mimi!! I love reading your blog AND seeing your pictures! You're so encouraging and insightful. And I CAN'T WAIT until Brazil!!!!!!!!

Deidre said...

Happy Blogaversary! I'm so glad you decided to blog and stuck it out - I love reading!

Megan said...

Happy Blogging Anniversary! I am so glad you started your blog! I have loved getting to know you this past year, and especially loved the fact that you shared all of your delicious recipes with us!! Here's to another year!

Sarah said...

Happy Blogaversary!! I always look forward to reading your posts. You are always such an inspiration and I miss you dearly! I can't wait for another year of wonderful blogs from you. Lots of love,


Faith said...

I am so thankful that you "took the plunge" into this wonderful world of blogging. We have both made some precious friends (and even gotten to meet a few of them!) and I know that God has used this in an awesome way in both of our lives.

Happy Blogaversary!!!
Love you so!

Denise said...

Happy Blogaversary dear, I love your blog.

Betsy said...

Congratulations on one year!! I have enjoyed reading your blog so much and I am so glad you are one of my blogging friends! You are such an encouragement to so many (not to mention a great cook, mother, and grandma). God has truly used you through this blog.

Happy Blogaversary!

Becky said...

Congrats MIMI! I've really enjoyed getting to know you through blogging. I keep holding on to the idea that maybe someday when I'm on the road I will be able to meet you in person. My goodness we sure would have a lot of things to share wouldn't we.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Stephanie said...

Happy Blogaversary!! What a fun thing to celebrate :) You are a dear woman of the Lord and I love to read what your years of experience have taught you...not to mention what your years of cooking have taught you! You have the best recipes :) I hope you have a great weekend!!

linda said...

Congratulations on your one year blogaversary! Isn't blogging the best!

valerie said...

We are blessed to have you as a friend too!
Happy blogaversary! Your blog is always uplifting.
Love you Emilie!

Jenna said...

i am sooooooo thankful that you went on a quest to set up a google account a year ago! i feel so blessed to call you a friend and to be able to come to your blog and laugh, be encouraged, and have my faith deepened by reading your words and experiences. and i OF COURSE adore all the pictures of your sweet family!

you are priceless, my sweet friend! here's to MANY more years of mimi's memories!!! love you!

Cindy said...

Congratulations on your Blogaversary! I am just celebrating my 1 year/100 also.

I love stopping by an reading when I have time.

Blessings, Cindy

Lianna Knight said...

So glad you started blogging! Happy Anniversary! And so glad you had that precious Faith...she is a blessing!

Anita said...

There is an award for you over on my blog!!!

My Army Brats and Me said...

I always enjoy both of your blogs. I am so happy that our blogs crossed paths. Thank you for supporting and praying for me as I fight for my life. Your are an angel! Happy one year and look forward to many more:)


LisaShaw said...

Congratulations dear sister! You are a beautiful presence online and I'm sure off line! In the relatively short time that I've had the pleasure to know you I've enjoyed and been blessed so much. Sometimes I just pop over to see if you wrote something new :)

I love you and may you keep sharing unto the GLORY OF OUR GOD!

Abbi said...

happy 1 year!! that's so awesome! congrats!!! i love your blog!

Jacquie said...

Sorry I'm late, Emilie. Happy Blogaversary!! You've become a sweet friend to me over these past several months!!