Sunday, November 23, 2008


I spent the day Saturday with my 2 daughters and my granddaughter.  During the course of the day there were several things said in conversation that made me think about my grandparents that have gone on to be with the Lord - MaMa and PaPa. They were both so very special to me. I was fortunate enough to live within walking distance of them growing up and, as a result, I spent quite a lot of time with them.

No one could cook like my MaMa and I think she is definitely responsible for the love that I have for cooking.  (And the love that I have for dishes/china.) As we were eating lunch, my daughter was talking about how much she loved lima beans and it reminded me of how much PaPa loved them.  Many a night he would tell my grandmother (he called her "Baby") that he just wanted a bowl of cornbread and "pot liquor".  (For those of you that weren't born in the South, that's what us southerners call the juice that the lima beans were cooked in.) He would crumble up his cornbread in the "pot liquor" and eat it and, I must agree, it was DELISH! That was one of PaPa's favorites.

That conversation somehow led us to talk about MaMa's love for OWLS!  She collected owls and I was blessed to have received a couple of her owls from my Mother on my last trip home. I thought that I would share a couple of them with you.

This one sits on the floor in my Dining Room. I love the way he is so"weathered" looking.  He just looks so wise, doesn't he?

This one is actually a little sachet holder. It has a ribbon on it so that you could hang it, but I keep him inside my china cabinet.
This little guy is actually a napkin holder and he resides on my kitchen table all the time.

Over the years, I have added a couple of owls myself and would very much like to collect more. One of the ones that I have added is a Swarovski crystal owl that my husband gave me. He's a tiny little fella, but so pretty, especially when the light hits him.

By far the most special owl that I have been given is this one made out of soapstone.  My daughter and son-in-law brought him all the way from BRAZIL. They got him for me while they were there on a church mission trip. Isn't he handsome!

Faith has decided that she would also like to collect owls.  She also has a couple of MaMa's owls that my Mother gave her. She told me about a piece of owl jewelry that she was hoping to get for Christmas. She also told me that owls were making a resurgence in popularity! They've always been popular with me!

What about you?  What do you like to collect and why?  What sentimental items do you have that belonged to one of your loved ones?


Megan said...

Such cute owls! What a great thing to collect! I don't have anything I collect, but I have friends who get a Christmas ornament from every vacation they go on, as a souvenir and then also a decoration. I thought this was a good idea. Glad you got to hang out with your 2 daughters and that cute Emma on saturday, I bet you had a great time!

Jenna said...

Loving the owls!!! The one from Brazil and the napkin holder are my faves I think!

I don't collect anything (as of yet), but my grandmother has a teapot collection that makes me very happy. I have always thought that would be a fun thing to collect. My other grandmother who passed a way several years ago collected antiques (a little bit pricier hobby, lol) and we have several of the pieces in our house. I just love them.

Hope you are your girls had a great time on Saturday!!!

And this is very random, but I just noticed that the word verification for this comment is "wings." Thought that was kind of fitting, ha!

Mrs. Cup said...

I love the owls! I don't have anything that I collect, but I'm well on my way to a glassware collection!!! haha...I just can't turn them down. When I see cute glasses I have to have them. Especially juice glasses.

Some of my most precious belongings are from my mom and grandmother. My grandmother gave us almost all of her silver. We have all of our place settings, but also a ton of serving pieces, trays, etc. It was all from her wedding 55 years ago. It's so special!

My mom has also given me SO many wonderful things as we've gotten our house set up...I can't even begin to list them! Everytime I see them I think of her. :)

Kristen said...

What special memories! I know your MaMa would be so happy to know how much you cherish here owls.
My brother has a ceramic glasses holder that's an owl. My grandma gave it to him years ago. I totally forgot about until I read your post. :)
I don't really collect anything, but I've always wanted to have my own "thing".

Faith said...

I love your collection! I need to be on the lookout for more because I want to keep adding to my collection. I wish I had gotten myself one from Brazil...

What a neat thing that we have been able to pass down from generation to generation! I love you!

Becky said...

Your owls are precious. I've really never thought much about them, but if they are coming back then I'll probably have to have one. LOL!!! I have many different items from my grandma and I've been meaning to blog about them for sometime now. You've just inspired me to get them out, take pictures of them and put them out to blogland.

BTW my computer bit the dirt this afternoon so I may be over and out for a few days. If so, I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Becky said...

Emilie, do you have an email address?

Rebecca Jo said...

Love the owls! My grandma collected Salt & Pepper shakers... they were split between all the kids when she passed - some were beautiful - some were hilarious!

I actually collect anything Beauty & The Beast.... have always been obsessed with the story - even as a child - then the TV show was incredible & then Disney's take on it.... I have 2 rooms with nothing but Beauty & the Beast stuff... a little warped... But hey, everyone has their thing!

How neat that your daughter is going to be collecting the same thing now! Hopefully you two wont be in a store fighting over an owl anytime soon! :-)

petrii said...

Your owls are so cute!!! I love that they are getting "passed down". I love that!!

My grandmother had unbrella pins that I remember as a little girl that I just loved. I haven't seen them in a long time, but that is what this post reminded me of: my grandma and her brightly colored umbrella pins ~~ ahh the memories.

Love you sweet one,

Abbi said...

that is so funny b/c i little girl has like 3 shirts with owls on them now that you say that! never before would have thought about it but owls are surely making a come back!!

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Ohhh! The owls are so cute!!

I have never been one to collect "things", but do enjoy seeing others' collections!

Oh, by the way, I have tagged you for a meme on my blog. Hope you will play along!


Kendra said...

What a special way to have memories all over your house!!