Monday, November 24, 2008


What a great surprise! I received this award from Jodi at Live Today, Cherish Yesterday, Dream Tomorrow. I have just recently discovered her blog and have really been enjoying it!

The rules of accepting this reward are that you have to list 5 favorite addictions and then pass along this award to five other fabulous blogs!

Now...let's see if I can narrow it down to just FIVE favorite addictions...hmmm:

#1 would have to be DARK CHOCOLATE. I LOVE dark chocolate! My absolute favorite is this:

And this would have to be a close second:
But, don't get me wrong, I'm not above settling my craving with a good ole' H@rshey's Speci@l D@rk from the grocery store!

#2 addiction - BIG SEXY HAIR SPRAY AND PLAY hairspray. There is no substitute! I have tried all kinds of cheaper alternatives and I don't even waste my time (and money) anymore. This is the only spray for me!
# 3 addiction - VINEGAR. I wouldn't know what to do without vinegar. I use it to clean absolutely EVERYTHING in my house. It's inexpensive and it works great!

#4 - MUSIC! I love all kinds of music! I have approximately 5000 songs on my IPod and they cover pretty much every genre of music.

#5 addiction - DISHES! I have a dish "fettish"! I have sets of dishes from both of my grandmothers and my great aunt, plus dishes that I have acquired during my married life. I cannot even get them all in my cabinets! My newest set are these beauties that my husband and kids gave me last year! I had always wanted Christmas dishes, but I decided on these instead because they are "Winter" dishes and can be used much longer than just at Christmas.

Another one of my addictions would have to be reading the following fabulous blogs that I would like to pass this award on to:

Jenna at These Are The Days. This girl is funny, witty and wise beyond her years and God has given her a great gift of storytelling. She is part of the most wonderful family and after reading her blog for awhile, you will begin to seriously wish this girl was your daughter, daughter-in-law, sister or best friend.

Megan at Tales of the Trees. She is a newlywed who has also been given a great ability to capture her audience with her words. Her and her husband, Luke, are just the absolute cutest couple and you will wish that you lived close enough to them to be able "hang out" with them.

Dawn at Dawn's Cottage Corner. This girl is one of the sweetest people I have met since joining this blogging world. She and I just hit it off almost from day one and I feel such a kindred spirit with her. She just recently got back from The Mayo Clinic having some major knee surgery and is going through a difficult time right now. Please pray for her as she gets her staples out this week and begins her Physical Therapy.

Faith at Walk With Me By Faith. As many of you know, Faith is my oldest daughter, but if she wasn't I would so want to be her friend! God has given her a remarkable faith (HE named her appropriately, huh?) and such a sweet spirit. She is funny, witty and very talented. Her and her husband are struggling with infertility and we are excited about the miracle that God is preparing, even now, for her and Chad.

Cindy at Army Brats and Me. I met Cindy just a few months ago as she began her battle with Stage 3 Breast Cancer. You have to meet this remarkable young lady. Her strength and faith is incredible. She is such an inspiration to me and many other ladies that are right alongside of her on this journey she's on. She is going through a difficult time right now as her white counts are very low and she has the flu. Please visit her blog and let her know that you are praying for her.

I do not want Cindy and Dawn to feel pressured to have to list 5 fabulous blogs and link to them. I know that they are not up to that right now, but I love reading their blogs and wanted all of ya'll to visit them and "show them some love" during these diffult times they are facing right now.


Mrs. Cup said...

Congratulations on your award! I use that hairspray too and it's wonderful!! It's the only kind I'll use.

Jenna said...

Oh my word, you are just the SWEETEST. Thank you so much for passing on this award to me - it definitely makes me FEEL fabulous to get a shout out from the very fab MiMi! :-)

And you better believe after reading YOUR blog all this time, I would love to be your daughter, daughter-in-law, or best friend! Thanks so much for all those kind words - they mean so much!

Love you!

Rebecca Jo said...

You are completely fabulous!!!! Congratulations!

Megan said...

Ahh thanks so much!! I love this award I just think that it is too cute! I too wish we lived closer so we could all 'hang out' and you could cook me food! Ok maybe that was a little selfish :-)
Congrats on your award!

Julie said...

Congratulations on you blog award. It is always fun and uplifting to read your posts.

I liked reading your 5 addictions. My MIL uses big sexy hair and I've "borrowed" some of it before. And it is a great product!

Faith said...

I like your list of addictions! Congratulations on the award and thank you for passing it on to me. I love everything you said about the other true and I love them all too!

petrii said...

Congratulations on your award ~~ your addiction list is so cute!!

Thanks for passing this award along to me. I really enjoyed being able to have a little fun with it.

Have a Blessed evening, Dawn

My Army Brats and Me said...

I am loving this. Thank you for your friendship. I am so going to do this but I have to figure it out LOL.
Love ya Cindy
ps I think you are FAb also!