Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kreativ Blogging!

Last week, I had the pleasant surprise of being awarded the Kreativ Blogger Award by two of my favorite bloggers --- 

Lianna and Rebecca.  I don't even feel like I am in the same blogging league with either of these sweet ladies, but I am so grateful to them for passing this award on to me.

The rules of this award are that I have to name six things that make me happy and then pass the award on!

1. My family - Having all of my family together.  I love cooking for all them and I love all of the noise, confusion and laughter when everyone is together.

2. My morning coffee - I love the coffee that my husband makes for me every morning while I am getting ready for work.  We both make coffee the VERY same way, but his ALWAYS tastes better than mine to me.  I don't know why, but it's true!

3. Ice Cream Floats - I LOVE ice cream floats!  MY favorite would have to be a Dr. Pepper Float, with a Cheerwine Float running a close second!

4. Clean sheets - I love getting into my bed with clean sheets on it.  They are just so much better when they are "crisp" with no wrinkles. And that it!

5. Grocery shopping with my hubby - I love having my hubby go to the grocery store with me for our weekly shopping trip. The fact that I know he doesn't really want to go, but he does, means a lot to me.  We carry our own reusable bags with us and he always bags our groceries.  I always tell the checkout person that I bring my own bagger with me!  (-:

6. Cards, letters and emails - I love receiving a card, letter or email from a family member or a precious friend. God always seems to have them come right at the appropriate time when I so need them.  After all, God's timing is always perfect!

There are so many blogs that I read on a daily basis that deserve this award.  I know that most of you have already received this award, but if you have not already been the recipient of this award, PLEASE consider yourself awarded by me!  

I love you all!


Rebecca Taylor said...

I love all of your answers! Your line about my blog is SO sweet, but very untrue. I just love yours!! :)

Becky said...

Excuse the blond moment, but.....what is a cherrwine float. I loved all your answers especially the clean sheets!!! Aaaah!

Faith said...

I think you definitely deserve this award! I really like your list of sweet. I can just see you and Dad at the grocery store ;)

See you in the morning. Love you, Faith

Abbi said...

we don't have cheer wine down here!! my grandpa lived further up and he loves it!!
I love all your answers!! I love you blog!!

petrii said...

I loved your answers and I heart clean sheets too. I thought I was the only one. When I tell people I just love crawlin in bed with clean sheets, they look at me like I've grown a third eye ~~ nice to know I'm not alone :O) UMMM I'm with Becky ~~ what's a Cheerwine float?

Have a Blessed day in the Lord friend, Dawn

Meaghan said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog :) I put you in for the giveaway!

We are going to have giveaways every Friday and more ontop of that. If you like coffee, chai tea, or herbal keep checking in :)

Thanks for the support!

Meaghan @ Get The Bean

Melissa said...

Those are sweet answers!! I LOVE clean sheets and that you love your husband's coffee more than your own. Shopping with your man sounds like someone else I know! Wondered where she got that one from and now I know! :)
Praying for you!!

Laura Ann said...

Went to the grocery store today and thought of you. Actually it started yesterday when I made my menu for the next 2 weeks. You guessed it...we will be having meatloaf again, your famous roast and of course squash casserole! I could eat these things every week.

Becky said...

Emilie, I didn't find your comment on the cheerwine. Did I overlook it?

Becky said...

I'll take you up on that. As matter of fact I had a Raleigh overnight last week!!! And I flew through there yesterday. Do you ever fly on Southwest? I'm always looking for a familiar blog face on my flights!!

Abbi said...

me and hollie get along great! it's so awesome to have a sis in-law that you have so much in common with! God truely has blessed me with the in-laws!!

valerie said...

Thanks so much for addint your name as a follower on my blog.

I loved your answers to the six things that make you happy.
You're right...there's nothing like fresh sheets. Almost every night when my husband gets into bed he says, "I love my bed."

He also goes grocery shopping with me at Walmart. I don't like to go there by myself. It's amazing how much better it is if you have someone with you.

Thanks for the comments.
Did you see Kristen popped back on for a bit?

valerie said...

sorry.....supposed to say "adding"

I'm so bad about not going back and proofreading before sending my comments on.

Heather said...

I love this! We have so much in common! And now I am majorly craving a Dr. Pepper float! Hope you're having a great week!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Yay, congrats on your award, well deserved!! Great and fun answers! :)

Hollie said...

oh my goodness I can't believe you know about cheerwine! I love it! i can't find it down here but always get it in the carolina's!

too cool mimi!

Julie said...

That is so sweet the two of you going to the store together. I don't really care to go grocery shopping and Bryan often does it for me!!

judy said...

Yes, you deserve the award! Your blog always has such interesting info.
And ditto on husbands making better coffee! Why is that? We also do it the same way but for some reason my hubby's is much better. Hmmmmmm.
I, too, take my reusable bags but I don't have my own 'personl bagger.' lol I think it best I go solo. :)