Saturday, October 18, 2008

Elmo's World

Not a lot going on to blog about this weekend, but Poppa and I did have a
very special guest spend the night last night. ELMO! 

Oops, I mean "E"!

After a very fun day with Nana and friends going to see Elmo (live), "E" came to spend the night.  As soon as she arrived, she wanted some cashews, so I grabbed my camera to capture how precious she looked!

Can you believe that Faith made this shirt the night before for her to wear to the performance!

You should feel Elmo's face - it is made out of "minky" fabric and is the cutest thing ever!

I sure wish I had a Nana like that!


petrii said...

She is so sweet ~~ and that Elmo shirt ~~ get-out-of-town CUTE!!!!!

That Faith is one talented aunt!!

Hsve a Blessed weekend,

Lianna Knight said...

Emma is just so precious!! Honestly, ever picture I see her in, she is just as cute as a button!!!

And our daughter is one talented young lady!!!

I'm sure they both get that from YOU!

Faith said...

She did look adorable, as always!! We had so much fun and I'm glad she got to go. She had quite a weekend of fun, didn't she?

I love you!

Laura Ann said...

Look at little Miss Emma...oh she is so cute and looks so sweet! I love that shirt and I am sure she did too.

Thank you for all your sweet comments on my Emma and prayers for sweet little Gavin.

Life is wonderful, isn't it?

Oh, I was sharing with a friend of mine who has 2 children in FFA at High School what an awesome recipe provider you are and how everything is so good. I think she may contact you for to get some baking recipes for her son and daughter to make for contest and the auction. I assured her she would not be disappointed.

Have a Blessed Sunday!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Precious! I can't believe Faith made that shirt, well I can believe it :)

Becky said...

Oh, she is the cutest thing ever! Aren't sleep over the best!! We always have to have a popcorn party! Faith is so talented. That shirt is just adorable!

Melissa said...

How sweet. She is a quite the cutie pie. I love the shirt! Love the aunt! Love you! :)

Sarah said...

What a sweet little face. I love seeing all the pictures of her. She is so adorable. That shirt is so cute! Faith is so talented!

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!