Monday, May 2, 2011

A Busy Past Couple of Months...

Well...once again I am returning from a rather lengthy time of being MIA.  I can hardly believe that the last time I posted on my blog was when I was beginning my Beth Moore "Breaking Free" Bible study!  That alone tells me that it has been AT LEAST 12 weeks since I blogged...because my class ended last week!  Yikes!  Where does the time go??

Speaking of "Breaking Free", it was an amazing Bible study and I have to admit that I am kinda sad for it to be over.  I met some wonderful godly ladies and learned so much about the captivity and bondage that the enemy can sometimes keep us, as women, in.  How exciting it was last week to hear testimony after testimony of what the Lord has done in the lives of so many as a result of this study!  I plan to start back through the study at my own pace and just take my time...because there is just too much awesome information to absorb in 12 short weeks and I don't want to miss anything the Lord has for me!

In the midst of this in-depth Bible study, (what was I thinking!)  my youngest daughter, Grace, got married! It was such a joyful time for our family as God sent a wonderful man into our family that He had chosen specifically for Grace and Emma!

It was an absolutely perfect day...the wedding was outside on the Green in our neighborhood and the weather was beautiful!  It was very simple, but everything about the day was just as I had envisioned.  We were blessed to share this special day with about 100 of our closest friends and family members, which made it even more special!

These are just a few of my favorite memories of the day...

Me and both of my girls

Father of the Bride and all the handsome groomsmen

Me and my sweet girl dancing

One of my friends made the cake and it was amazing!  It was almond pound cake and each tier had three layers. Each tier had a layer of Chocolate Cream Cheese frosting and also a layer of Cream Cheese frosting and the cake was iced with a Butter Cream Icing!  I can't even begin to tell you how delicious it was...OR, how gorgeous it was!

We had the Reception at the restaurant where I have been working as a Hostess a couple of nights a week for about a year now and it was just the perfect little Saturday afternoon venue. We had a DJ and there was lots of dancin'!!

Hmmm.....Not sure why my son-in-law, Chad, is the only one going the opposite direction, though?!?! LOL

Welcome to this big ole' crazy family, Josh! We couldn't be more tickled to have you be part of it! We thank the Lord for bringing you into Grace and Emma's well as into ALL of our lives and we already love you to pieces!

God has now blessed me with TWO amazing son-in-laws! I thank the Lord for the godly men that He has provided for both of my girls! 


Rebecca Jo said...

Its all so beautiful!!! I love a wedding!!!

You look GORGEOUS lady... as does the bride... & Faith... everyone is just looking too FINE! :)

...I totally busted laughing at Chad facing the wrong direction...

Faith said...

I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw your post in my google reader ;-)

Great recap though. And, you know my man, he just does his own thing when he's on the dance floor. Ain't no stoppin' him! LOL!

I love you to pieces!

petrii said...

What a Beautiful wedding!! Your daughter's are just beautiful, and girl, purple is your color!!! You looked AMAZING!!!

Chad going the wrong direction is so funny, and you dancing with your sweet Emma made me smile. So sweet!!

Love you friend ~~ have a Blessed evening,

Love Being A Nonny said...

Beautiful bride, beautiful cake, beautiful day!