Saturday, June 6, 2009

Remembering An Awesome Night Of Praise & Worship

On January 25th of this year, my daughter, Faith, and I hopped in the car after church Sunday morning and headed for Atlanta for an awesome night of Praise and Worship with Travis Cottrell at First Baptist Church of Woodstock .

It was exciting enough to be able to participate in a LIVE recording with Travis Cottrell, but one of my all-time heroes in the faith was also going to be there -- Beth Moore!

We had made plans to meet up with one of our sweet blogging friends that we had never had the privilege of meeting in person -- none other than JennaBabe

It was an awesome night of worship and one I will never forget.

On Tuesday of this past week, the LIVE recording from that amazing night was released on ITunes and in the stores.  Those of us that were there that night were able to pre-order the CDs and DVDs -- and mine came in the mail yesterday! As I looked at the CD cover and began to listen to the very first song, "To The King", I was taken back to all the emotion and excitement of that incredible evening with thousands of people praising the Lord. It was like a tiny glimpse into what Heaven is going to be like!

If you ask me what are my favorite songs from the recording, that is a tough one because, honestly, they are all so good, but if I had to say, they would probably be - "My Inheritance", "Praise the King"(with Cindy Morgan), "Mercy Seat", and "Do It Lord".

I have not stopped listening to it!  I fell asleep listening to it last night and I woke up to it this morning.  I just have to say, if you haven't already purchased this CD, it is a must-have!  

It will lead you to the throne of worship, sweet friends!


Faith said...

Oh, I have been thinking back to that awesome night too! I am loving hearing it all over again. Praise the King is incredible and does lead me right to the throne. So glad the cd FINALLY arrived!

Love you!

Rebecca Jo said...

Totally going to add it to my much pick up list!!!

Mandi said...

It sounds like I'll be downloading some songs from itunes today!

petrii said...

I have goosebumps ~~ serious ones ~~ as I read this, because I am remembering the conversation you and I had just after your returning from that concert. I remember thinking the release date was so far away, and yet here it is. I can't wait to hear it. I'll probably listen to some snippets on I-tunes until I can get it. I LOVE that song Mercy Seat and I also LOVE Cindy Morgan, I'm a "back in the day" kind of fan.

I hope you are well.

Love you dear friend,

Anonymous said...

I will be adding that cd to my list on itunes in the near future! Thankyou for your sweet comments and inspiration! I LOVED your memory verse this week and I think that I will pass it along to Scot, as he always fears the worst. I hope that you are having a great weekend :)

Denise said...

Wow, sounds very awesome.

Sherry said...

I got one of these today! I was having Praise and Worship in my car all the way home!

I am going to pre-order the full length live DVD. (As I understand it, the DVD will be released Sept. 1, is that correct?)

Thanks for sharing your memories of this spectacular day!

MiMi said...

Yes, my understanding is that the DVD will not be available until September. I can only imagine how awesome it is going to be because it was such an incredible night!

Glad you got the CD, too! You'll have to tell me if you've been able to pick a favorite song?

Alex and Jill said...

Definitely going to purchase this one! :)

His Doorkeeper said...

I just love Travis and anything he sings! How blessed you were to be there to see him, and BETH!

How I also love Jenna! I would love to meet her someday too!

Can't wait to get Travis' new CD ! Have a blessed Sunday!

valerie said...

I remember when you all went to this. How fun!

Beth Moore is also my all time favorite Bible teacher.
I've attended at least seven of her conferences and Travis leads praise and worship. He is so anointed.
I've not seen anyone lead from the Spirit like Travis.

I can't wait to get my hands on this cd.

Pray for us this week as we go to youth camp. I'm leaving today (a day early) to prepare.
We now have 59 in all going. :)

I'm going to be away from a computer all week....until next Sat. !! I'll have withdrawals for sure. :)

Glad you got your cd & are being so blessed.

Love to you,

Jacquie said...

Oh, the CD sounds awesome!!

Julie said...

Wow!!! I just listened to segments of those songs on iTune!! I wrote a sticky note, stuck it to my purse, and I plan to buy that for my iPod. I'm so glad you shared!!!

God has just shown HIMSELF this past weekend and I cannot wait to shout out these songs. Plug your ears!!! :0

Laura Ann said...

Missing you and hoping all is well.

Life is crazy and very busy around our house.

I had to tell you that I asked Emma on Sunday if she wanted to go out to eat or me cook her Birthday meal and she said "you cook it Mommy"

I moved on to ask her what she wanted and she said "meatloaf and mash taters" yes, we had Mimi's meatloaf last night and we LOVED it!

Missing you

Denise K. said...

Oh I will have to buy that CD for sure! What a wonderful event and I am so happy you were able to be there!!! I would love to see Beth Moore in she just as energetic and faith filled as she is on her DVD's? What a great day!!!