Sunday, January 11, 2009


Even though I had a difficult and demanding week at work, I have had the most amazing week in the Lord!

After much "agonizing" over whether to sign up for the class or not, I attended my first Esther class Tuesday evening, with about 40 other ladies. Let me just say that I had forgotten just how much I love Beth Moore!  The subtitle of the course is "It's Tough Being A Woman".  Can I get an Amen from anyone on that!  

The first class was an introduction and we watched a video of Beth and she was just as amazing as she always is!  I came out of my class "pumped" and excited about 5 nights a week of homework and 10 weeks of the class! I know that the enemy will be relentless in trying to discourage me from studying God's Word and attending the classes.  Please pray for me that I will stay strong and faithful, as I know this class is exactly what I need right now in my life.

I had also been giving some thought to trying to attend the next "Deeper Still" Conference if they had one anywhere in the Southeast.  I got online recently and found out that they added one more 2009 conference in Greensboro, NC at the end of July. Faith and I got our tickets to the conference and we were also able to get our hotel room reserved. I AM SO EXCITED! This is going to be so much fun!

I have done several Precept Bible Study courses over the years, but have never seen Kay Arthur in person. The Bible that I use and dearly love is The International Inductive Study Bible that she recommended when doing the Precept classes. 
I have had the privilege, many years ago, of seeing Beth Moore in person in Columbia, SC. She was awesome and I can hardly wait to see and hear her again. 

I have never actually had the privilege of hearing Priscilla Shirer, but Faith has and she has told me how awesome she is, so I am confident that after this conference I will have another hero in the faith!

To end up this awesome week, we experienced the most amazing praise and worship service last night.  I woke up all throughout the night with this song on my mind and heart.  (Note: The video doesn't start until the singing starts.)

We'll dance on streets that are golden! Praise the Lord that we will soon look on His face and join in the Song of The Lamb! 

May you find strength and encouragement for this week through the words to this song!


Alex and Jill said...

Amen, sister! :)

I love me some Beth Moore. 'Deeper Still' is going to be awesome! I'm going to Nashville to see her in March and can't wait!

valerie said...

How exciting. Several of my blogging friends have started Esther too. This should be fun to share our thoughts with each other.

We start tomorrow night and will have 35 attending. I know what you mean about the homework. It's very indepth and requires a lot of time. I'm praying that I'll go to bed earlier these next 10 weeks and get up early enough to do all I need to do...mainly my homework.

I've watched the first lesson here at home and it's so good. I love Beth!

I'm glad you and Faith got tickets for Deeper Still. I've never been to a Deeper Still event either, but got tickets (Kristen & I) for this Dec. in Oklahoma City. We did one of Priscilla's Bible studies recently. She's very good too.

Have a good week and I'll be praying for you as you try to juggle everything.

petrii said...

I will so be adding this to my prayer list for you sweet one.

I have never had the priviledge to see BMoore, but pray one day that I will be able to. I LOVE PShirer. Her web site has a monthly blog that she writes and it is always so thought provoking and encouraging.

Have a Blessed and strees-free week friend,

Jenna said...

Sounds like an awesome week!! Oh and Deeper Still sounds amazing! I want to go!! Can't wait to hear what you learn about in Esther - I can only imagine the awesomeness. That Beth, she gets it everytime!

Rebecca Jo said...

I'll give you an AMEN!!!!

I would love to do that study as well.. gotta keep my eyes out. I loved the movie "One Night with the King" too & the story of Esther & her faith!!!

JenB said...

I've been singing that in my head too! Loved that you ALL went last night.
I'm thinking about the conference too. Yay!

Becky said...

I LOVE Beth Moore! I soooo excited that you and Faith were able to get tickets and a hotel's amazing that there are still tickets and hotels left. I will be praying for you!

Jacquie said...

I love how excited you are about a Bible study and a conference!! I bet that makes God smile. :)

I got about that excited just reading your comment on my post today!! (I just got done watching - and JACK IS BACK!!!)

Just curious - does your church have Saturday night services or was there a special service??

Sherry said...

I received this (workbook and audio) as one of my Christmas gifts. Looking forward to doing it. Our church group will be doing another one of her studies beginning in February.

Stop by my blog. I have left an award for you there.

Amy E. said...

Oh, you are going to love Deeper Still! I went to it in Atlanta this past summer and it was amazing! I'd love to go back to Greensboro too, but I haven't looked that far ahead yet! :)
We all loved your chili dip recipe, by the way! Yum!

Lianna Knight said...

We are starting a Beth Moore book study on February 16th at our church too. I can NOT wait :)

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

I just started Esther too! We will have to exchange our thoughts on it all! =)

Kendra said...

Oh Mimi!! I just started Esther this very week too!!!!! Our women's Bible study just watched the intro video on Wednesday night!! I LOVED it!!! I thought the same thing...this is gonna be a good one. I know the Lord has so much work to do in me and I can't wait see His handiwork! I will be praying for you that satan is defeated... as I agree, he will be throwing you all kinds of distractions your way. Will you pray the same for me please??
Thanks, and many blessings!!

Faith said...

I'm so excited that you are so excited! I'll be praying for you to stand firm against the attacks from Satan that are sure to come.

I am so looking forward to Deeper's gonna be awesome! Thanks for booking everything and figuring it all out.

Loved that song we sang too. Can't wait til the day we are dancing on the streets that are golden. What a day that will be!!

Love you to pieces!!

Ginger said...

The study and conference both sound amazing! Stay strong. God will give you the strength you need because you are faithful to Him and His word. My prayers are with you.

Heather said...

AMEN!!! I love Beth Moore and really want to do the Esther study soon. I am so jealous of your road trip to Deeper Still with Faith! You guys will have a blast and definitely receive so much wonderful teaching!
I will be praying that the enemy will flee from you as you continue to pursue the Lord this week.

Julie said...

You will love Priscilla. I did her study a few years ago and it was amazing!!

Our ladies group is starting Esther this coming Sunday and Monday. I'm leading the Monday group and I am so excited. Many women in blog land are doing Esther! We should have a lot to post! God bless you tremendously as you dive into His word!!

Mandi said...

I'm doing the Esther study, too! Just completed the first week. j

Mandi said...

And I love your new blog look!